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The Real Locators specialize in finding luxury and built-to-rent apartment homes for an upscale clientele, as well as University students. 

We have embraced our Broker’s virtual model and made it our mission to create a remote locating service that caters to the modern lifestyle and needs of both clients and agents alike.

What sets The Real Locators apart?

By saving on overhead costs other brick and mortar locating companies can’t, we offer our agents a 70/30 split with opportunities to lower that split. (Other locating companies typically offer a 50/50 split.)

We are committed to helping our agents grow and meet their full potential. Our remote work model offers multiple benefits to agents and supports our values of work-life balance and fair, competitive pay.

About Locating

What is an apartment locator and how do they make money?

  • Apartment locators are licensed real estate agents that act as intermediaries between renters and property management companies.
  • Property management companies pay locators a commission when their clients sign a lease.
  • Typically this commission ranges from 50%-150% of one month’s rent.

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